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Nanoindentation Testing Cabinet

This customer is an innovative manufacturer of equipment for Nanoindentation testing of a wide variety of materials. Their products address the needs of various industries and academia and accurately measure hardness, modulus and other material properties. In order to obtain this level of accuracy the testing has to be conducted in a large and stable cabinet that is insulated from vibration and protects the specimen from ambient airflow and dust.

ClickFold met these requirements with a light-weight E-PVC material that offers an exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio and excellent vibration-dampening properties. E-PVC is a porous material and in order to obtain a smooth, scratch-resistant and appealing surface finish a  high-gloss a polyurethane was chosen as a coating. This allowed for the metallic look that the customer was looking for while keeping the units easily transportable. ClickFold handled the material selection, structural design, manufacture, coating and graphics application in order to provide this customer with assembly-ready cabinets which measure approximately 28x28x28″

Custom Diagnostic Enclosure made from post-finished EPVC with custom paint

Project Details


February 2018


Industrial Testing Equipment


Cabinet with Lid
(supported by gas-assisted struts)

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