Washers, Shims & Insulators

Specialty wedges, shims and washers can be hard to source in small volumes. The same holds true for insulators especially if threaded blind-holes or inserts are needed. We carry a large assortment of specialty sheets which includes materials such as HDPE, UHMW, Acetal (Delrin), Polyetherimide (Ultem), Polyamide (Nylon) and others which means there is no minimum order for having smaller batches of such parts produced.  We can also assist with the design and development of these parts and produce sample batches. This can be a stepping stone towards large volume molding helps to avoid mistakes that would be costly if a wrong mold had been commissioned prematurely.

Panels & Covers

By machining parts in arrays from sheet stock we are able to cost-effectively produce instrument panels, switch plates, service covers and other flats. Our high-speed and high-precision CNC machines can deliver precise cutouts for even the smallest of connectors such as mini and micro USB or even smaller. Routing out recesses allows these panels to accept clip-in components originally designed for thinner sheet metal skins.  We can furthermore direct-to-substrate digitally print with photographic quality which allows for very small and crisp markings and logos. The advantages over a conventional metal panel are: no paint and oxidation issues, better print resolution and wear-resistance, superior edge-finish and noise dampening rather than resonating panels. Another option are clear panels with print backed by a full-bleed printed on the reverse side. This makes for eye-popping colors and prints that are protected from wear, chemicals and scratching. Lastly, knock-outs can be machined from the backside allowing for invisible optional cutouts.


Many applications call for non-ferrous hardware. Mounting brackets made from ABS, PVC, Polycarbonate (Lexan) or Acetal (Delrin) are cost effective and rival the strength and stiffness of their metal counterparts. In addition, clips and snap-lock features can be designed into the plastic parts which can significantly speed up assembly operations and provide connections that will not loosen over time. Typical applications are light and camera mounts, sensor brackets, food conveyors, corner protectors, medical device and tool holders.

Channels and Trays

A simple U-shape is often needed for safety guards, protective covers, shaft or spindle tunnels, cable trays and other applications. Made from clear, solid or flame-retardant sheets we can easily make these parts using an automatic 2-step thermo-bending operation. Thermo-line-bending provides for an appealing outside radius without any distortion of the material, surface textures are retained and clear material remain perfectly transparent.  Long channels can be accomplished by adding interlocking rabbet joints for a secure connection of multiple pieces. Controlled over-bending makes it possible to produce snap-on covers that can be easily installed while securely staying in place when in use.

4 and 5-Sided Hoods and Domes

Adding one or two end caps will convert any U-shaped profile into a 4 or 5-sided cover. Shapes can vary from simple boxes to trough, pyramidal or other multi-surface shapes. Solvent welding allows for the production of one-piece covers with almost invisible, water and dust-tight seams. Typical applications are pump and motor covers, top sections of larger devices that have a metal chassis and radomes.  The weight reduction for larger devices compared to a sheet metal housing can be substantial. Added benefits are noise reduction and the cost savings related to not needing a paint or powder coating. Large plastic hoods can also be thermo-formed. However, thermo-forming requires an upfront investment in tooling and changes can usually not be made easily once the mold has been commissioned. The ClickFold process does not require any tooling or fixtures and design changes can be made on the fly.

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