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Tool & Vial Holders

Tool holders and fixtures are essential in almost every production environment. In addition to holding tools securely and being dimensionally stable these parts need to be non-corrosive and hold up to a variety of cleaners and chemicals. 

Similarly, test tube holders, racks and organizers are essential for any lab engaged in large scale testing. They need to hold tubes securely and in the correct position for automated processing and are an important tool to increase the speed and reliability of the sampling process. This may be more important now than ever. 

We design and manufacture custom tool/tube holders and organizers for specific needs. Our zero-tooling process allows us to do so even for smaller labs that only require a low quantity. 

The materials of choice are ABS, PC/ABS, PC, Acetal and Polyamide. These materials are available in a variety of gauges, colors and textures which means that no painting or powder coating is required. Furthermore these polymers are not affected by corrosive environments and stand up well to common cleaning agents, fuels, oils and other chemicals. 

Markings and identification of fixtures and tool or tube slots can be just as important as the fixture itself. Oftentimes engraving numbers or other identifiers is a good and inexpensive way to accomplish this. However, when high-contrast or color coded markings are needed digital printing is the solution. 

We use a high-resolution digital graphics flatbed printer to directly print on these substrates with UV-cured and highly wear-resistant “inks”. The “ink” really is a UV-curable polymer that penetrates the surface and is “baked” onto the substrate so to speak. The result is a slightly raised, high-contrast, photo-quality print which allows the use of the full color palette and also shades and half tones to create opaque and translucent effects. These prints will stand up to outdoor use and UV exposure.

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