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Drip Trays & Baffles 

Drip Trays & Baffles

Drip and collection trays are common in HVAC systems, hydraulics, combustion engines and many other applications where excess fluids need to be captured and collected. The challenge often is that they need to be custom designed to fit into confined spaces. They also need to stand up to corrosive environments and be inert to the fluid to be contained. 

Desirable material properties are light-weight, chemically resistant and easy to clean. HDPE and ABS are economical choices that will satisfy the requirements of most applications. 

Drip trays can be formed from thin sheets or machined from a material slab depending on the size and depth of the cavity needed. They can be removable to allow for easy fluid removal and cleaning or be equipped with a drain and coupling to be connected to a fluid collection or recycling system. 

In either case, leak-proof seams are an essential requirement. Our process accomplishes this with solvent welded seams. For mechanical strength all our seams are tongue-and-groove joints which ensure that welds will not crack or open up when the tray is deformed under load or thermal stress. 

Air baffles are similar in many ways, only that instead of a drain there usually is a funnel or exhaust to dispense fumes or hot air. These baffles often require intricate shapes in order to route the air-flow as needed. Our process allows for cost effective multi-part manifolds that meet this requirement. 

These parts often cannot be molded due to the fact that they may have cavities and internal channels that would require complex molds that make molding costs prohibitive. Compared to sheet metal ducts, our plastics fabrication solutions are lightweight, non-conductive, non-corrosive and sound-dampening. 

Our zero-tooling process is ideally suited for smaller volumes of these kinds of parts. Not just because of the low upfront cost, but also because it is our policy of indefinitely retaining CNC files and bills of material for all our customers and projects. This means that even years or decades later we are able to manufacture replacements to the original specifications with short lead times and no non-recurring engineering charges. 

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