Custom Plastic Parts
& Enclosures
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SIMPLE PARTS "Don't turn to your local job shop for custom plastic parts. We have the expertise to select the right polymer and process resulting in better parts at a lower price."
Custom Housings
"Why settle for generic off-the-shelf housings or archaic sheet metal cases when you can get an assembly-ready custom solution for less?"
Specialty Products
"We can help when the application calls for creative thinking and cost-effective engineering. We are your partner for collaborative product development."
Custom Plastic Parts
& Enclosures
"Digital printing, added materials, solvent welding, heat-staking, hybrid CNC & 3D-printed parts, handles, hinges, assembly, custom packaging - we do it all!"
From Concept to Production in Less Than a Month

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Specialty Products


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From Concept to Production in Less than a Month!

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Slide Patrick Oltmanns Owner - CEO "20 years ago we set out to offer a better solution for custom plastic parts and enclosures - it has remained our mission to this day."
Slide April Jaklitsch Office Manager "Quick response to our customers' needs is critical. Be it design changes, flexible scheduling, quality requirements - expect a same-day response." Slide Geoff Lowe Design Manager "Taking your concept to a production-ready product that succeeds in the market is what I take pride in - collaboration is the key."

Slide Jennifer Soler Shipping Manager "We ship all over the world with all major carriers. Minimizing time, cost and providing tracking information at the time of shipment is my responsibility."

Slide Colleen Wilcox Shipping Manager "Complex assemblies is were we shine. Fit, finish, color, graphics - this is where attention to detail and a critical eye matter."

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